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California weapons offenses carry very serious criminal consequences. However, the criminal consequences will vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the allegations against you. Some of these circumstances include:

» The type of weapon involved
» What the weapon was used for
» If there was a loaded firearm
» If the weapon was concealed
» If drugs were involved

The distinction between a misdemeanor and felony weapon charge is also important. Most weapons offenses in California are charged as felonies. However, illegal possession of weapons charges can be negotiated down to a misdemeanor. In either case, the consequences may include one or more of the following:

» Jail sentences
» Prison sentences
» Significant fines
» Probation
» Deprivation of personal property
» Loss of employment
» Preclusion from various jobs
» Discharge from military
» Prohibition against owning firearms (possibly for life!)

A lot of times the issue in these type of cases is the search made by the officers and whether it was lawful. A skilled weapon charges attorney should be able to throw out these charges if he successfully challenges the search in which a weapon or gun is found as a result.

The most common weapons violations in California are listed below:

» Assault with a deadly weapon
» Brandishing (guns, knives, etc.)
» Concealed weapons
» Felon in possession of a firearm
» Gun enhancements
» Illegal sales of firearms
» Illegal weapons possession
» Illegal transportation of weapons
» Possession in commission of drug offense
» Possession of a firearm near schools
» Possession of a loaded firearm

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