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A person who has been convicted in California of a felony or particular misdemeanor sex offenses may apply for a pardon. Typically, this first requires petitioning for a Certificate of Rehabilitation in court, and once that is obtained, a request for a Pardon is made to the Governor.

Sacramento Certificate Of Rehabilitation And Pardon California

Eligibility for a pardon depends on what crime your were convicted of, and how long you have lived a crime free/exemplary life. Although it varies depending on your crime, most felonies are eligible to petition after five years from release from custody. It is also required that the person petitioning for a certificate of rehabilitation and pardon, has also already obtained an expungement.

A full and unconditional pardon can allow a person to be employed as a state parole officer, or as a county probation officer, but not as a peace officer. However, in most cases, a person who receives a pardon may own and possess firearms again. Obtaining a pardon is often the final step on doing everything in your power to put your record in your past, and restore all of your civil rights. Contact Criminal Defense Attorneys of Sacramento to see if you are eligible to obtain a pardon and put your past behind you.

Here is the California Petition for Dismissal.

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