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Our Sacramento Criminal Defense Lawyers have been representing people accused of crimes for years. Our attorneys will guide you through the criminal process while fighting for your rights no matter what you are charged with. The attorneys will work diligently to obtain optimum results on your case. The hiring of an attorney when you have been charged with a crime is an important decision and cannot be overstated. The risk and consequences of a criminal conviction are too serious and it is crucial to protect yourself by getting an experienced attorney.

A good criminal lawyer can mean the difference between justice and disaster.

If you’re in need of a seasoned Criminal Lawyer with "the right stuff" to get you to the other side of the legal maze safely, then contact us!

You can expect to speak with a Criminal Defense Lawyer who’ll analyze your case and formulate a winning plan of attack. Whether you’re fighting a DUI, assault, burglary or other criminal charges, you’ll get a free confidential consultation, absolute discretion, due diligence and the best any criminal defense team can give its valued clientele.

If you have been charged with a crime, contact Criminal Defense Attorneys of Sacramento today!
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