Expungement – Clear your criminal record

Don’t let the mistakes of your past ruin your future. The attorneys at Templeton and Mixon can clear your criminal record in California so you have a new lease on life!



Expungements allow certain criminal convictions to be dismissed against you.  It allows you to re-open your closed criminal case, to withdrawal your guilty, no contest or jury verdict against you and the case to be dismissed. In essence, you are no longer a convicted of that crime.  This process generally will help with employment related matters, however, the case record itself will still exist, but the outcome of the case in will no longer be your plea or conviction, but instead dismissed in the “Interests of Justice,” or “IOJ”. Not all convictions can be dismissed.  It is generally limited to cases in which the defendant convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony that could have been charged as a misdemeanor, and was sentenced to county jail time, probation, a fine, or a combination of those three.  In addition, expungement of criminal records are expressly prohibit for certain types of crimes.

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The attorneys of Templeton and Mixon can assist you in restoring all of your rights after a felony conviction or certain misdemeanor convictions

A Certificate of Rehabilitation is a court order declaring that a person convicted of a felony is now rehabilitated. Once granted by the court, it is then forwarded to the Governor for application for a pardon.

The benefit of a Certificate of rehabilitation coupled with the Governor signing your pardon is;

1.     Restores all civil rights, even your gun rights

2.     Ends your duty to register as a sex offender under Penal Code section 290 for many sex crimes

3.     Assists in employment and occupational and or state licensing.

Major Requirements for a certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon;

1.     Wait at least 7 years since your release from custody. Certain crimes require a longer waiting period.

2.     Continuous residency in the State of California for at least 5 years

3.     Have been rehabilitated and lived a crime free life since your conviction


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